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DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee

The DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee is situated in a magnificent natural setting, surrounded by the beautiful lakeland scenery of Holstein Switzerland. What sets the excellent modern architecture of the facility apart is its gorgeous lobby and bright, spacious rooms. The lovingly landscaped garden has a pond and lots of lovely sunny spots.

Individually-tailored nursing and care services, as well as a variety of cultural events and seasonal festivals round off the comprehensive range of services offered by the facility. The excellent in-house kitchen offers fresh delicacies every day, while the "La Rose" café/bistro also provides the perfect, inviting atmosphere for guests.

At a glance

  • Quiet, central location
  • 154 full inpatient nursing care places, including for short-term care
  • Bright, spacious rooms, terraces and balconies, as well as beautiful gardens
  • Furniture suitable for senior citizens, modern nursing care beds
  • In-house kitchen - vegetarian, diet meals or special diet can also be provided
  • Cosy public café/bistro
  • A wide range of therapeutic and cultural activities
  • In-house hairdresser and chiropodist


News from the DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee

Informational material

Here you will find everything you need to know about the DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee.


Costs for full inpatient care

Pflegegrad 1
Pflegegrad 2
Pflegegrad 3
Pflegegrad 4
Pflegegrad 5
Monthly costs
2.877,11 €
3.265,89 €
3.757,77 €
4.270,97 €
4.500,93 €
Own share per month
bis 12 Monate (abzgl. Pflegekassenanteil)
2.752,11 €
2.339,85 €
2.339,74 €
2.339,91 €
2.339,88 €
Own share per month
ab 12 Monate (abzgl. Pflegekassenanteil)
2.752,11 €
2.183,80 €
2.183,70 €
2.183,86 €
2.183,82 €
Own share per month
ab 24 Monate (abzgl. Pflegekassenanteil)
2.752,11 €
1.975,73 €
1.975,68 €
1.975,78 €
1.975,76 €
Own share per month
ab 36 Monate (abzgl. Pflegekassenanteil)
2.752,11 €
1.715,67 €
1.715,63 €
1.715,69 €
1.715,67 €

If the own share exceeds the resident's monthly income and none further assets are available, it can be applied for an absorption of costs for care level 2-5 at the responsible social welfare authorities.

According to the LPflegeGVO, care housing allowance is granted if the resident has no income and no assets to cover the investment costs.

Für die alleinige Nutzung eines Doppelzimmers berechnen wir zusätzlich einen Zuschlag.


Our team is looking forward to your enquiry.

DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee
Fünf-Seen-Allee 2
24306 Plön

Tel.: 04522 7467-0
Fax: 04522 7467-10

Der Beauftragte für Medizinproduktesicherheit der DANA Pflegeheim Fünf-Seen-Allee gemäß § 6 der MPBetreibV ist über die E-Mail-Adresse erreichbar.

Your contact persons on site


Ramona Johann

Home management

Fatmir Zymberi

Nursing management

Maike Kaphengst


Agnieszka Huf


Café/Bistro „La Rose“

"La Belle”, the public café/bistro in the DANA nursing home Lindenhof also offers outside guests delicious delicacies in a stylish atmosphere.

Enjoy a varied lunch menu, speciality teas and coffees and a variety of fresh cakes and gateaux on the glorious sun terrace, overlooking the idyllic garden.

Our inviting rooms also provide the ideal setting for for private celebrations on special occasions.

Café/Bistro „La Rose“

Fünf-Seen-Allee 2
24306 Plön-Stadtheide
Telefon: 04522 7467-17

You are also welcome to use our venues for your event outside these opening hours.


A little insight into the DANA Nursing Home Fünf-Seen-Allee

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